support group for ppl who used to be the same age as their favourite character but then got older

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my personality is based on what anime im watching

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meeting people who like anime is either very good or very bad. 

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When you try to think of a word and can only remember it in another language.

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I want to drop everything and just travel the world with someone who wants to just as much as I do

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i’m frequently visited by three spirits at night

  • the ghost of i fucked up
  • the ghost of i’m currently fucking up
  • and the ghost of i’m probably going to fuck up in the future
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I’d happily watch an 8 hour film adaptation of a book if it meant every little book detail was put in it

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"i honestly don’t remember doing that"
me about 85% of the things i’ve done (via seyfriieds)

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i ship me and money

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"Yeah watashi am curious about that too."
some comment i found on mangafox forums  (via bemkeu)
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